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Chartered Services in private chartered jets have several features that you can include or exclude. It depends on several elements. For example, having a special meal is normal in commercial or private planes. However, not waiting for the plane or not even standing in the queue is some thing special. help you capture the moment.

Privacy is the utmost mandatory skill at iTaxi work strictly on one-to-one basis. It means; when our client needs a plane; we do not involve more than one person for communication. CEO will handle personal communication with the client. We have experienced in working with high net worth individuals.

Chartered Services Privacy
Chartered Services Helicopter

Helicopters are always fun to ride. can offer you heli rides in Dubai, UAE; London, UK; and any where in USA.

These rides can be for an individual or for a newly wed couple for a honeymoon or just for a family hangout.

Group charters are the main services in the chartered jet services.

  • Religious tourism (Hajj & Umrah)
  • Government delegations
  • Sports teams
  • Sports fans
  • Musical groups
  • Corporate incentive programs
  • Product launch programs
  • Wedding parties
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